Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bringing Home Baby

I thought that after giving birth I would be able to do a marathon, surf in shark infested waters, tame wild tigers. Turns out giving birth was the easy part...caring for a newborn, now that's a different story. I honestly was jaded and completely fooled by all the commercial and magazine advertisements of mothers with their smiley, happy newborns. I am the second oldest of six children, but I honestly don't remember my parents having this difficult of a time. When we came home from the hospital it was just my husband & I, no family members camping it out on the couch while they help us out (which I would recommend, if they don't offer...beg). We were in charge of this tiny little human who had no other way to communicate but crying, and cry he did. But during those first few days the lack of sleep was the worst. It even had me hallucinating. I would swear I heard him cry and go running to see what was wrong, only to find him sleeping peacefully! Even the real noises he made caused me to jump out of bed to check on him. As always, he was just fine. It took quite a bit of adjusting, but I can finally get a fairly good nights sleep...about 4 hours on a good night. I do have to say I am proud of us though, we did it on our own. But don't get me wrong, raising a newborn has its wonderful moments, when he shines his toothless little smile my all might be worth it.

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