Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hitting the Bottle

Let me begin by saying: what works for one baby doesn't always work for another.

As far as bottles go, we tried the Avent and he hated them. So after quite a few failed attempts, I did some research on the internet and got some advice from some other mothers. I kept hearing about the Playtex Drop-ins with the Latex nipple. The nipples are brown in color and you have to buy them separate from the Drop-ins system. He took to it on the first try.

Other things to think about:
It was recommended that the baby not be hungry when trying to feed him a bottle for the first time. We found this to be true even the second time around. They don't seem to like trying new things when they're bellies are empty...neither do I.
When trying to get him to take the bottle for the first time I was in the other room because allegedly they can smell mom and will refuse a bottle if she is nearby.
We also made sure the nipple was warm and dipping the nipple in breast milk also helped in getting him to drink.

The deal here is trying to mimic mom's breast which is what they've grown so fond of.

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